Recorded Music






Hearts of Stone Coral A 1955 (Feb) 11/27/54
You’re the One Coral B 1955 (Feb) 11/27/54
Flip Flop & Fly Coral A 1955 (May) 5/19/55 (ad)
My Babe Coral B 1955 (May) 5/19/55 (ad)
Nare Coral A 1955 (Aug) 6/18/55 & ad
Goofy Dry Bones 
(written by The Goofers™)
Coral B 1955 (Aug) 6/18/55 & ad
Sick, Sick, Sick Coral A 1956 (Mar) 12/3/55
Twenty One Coral B 1956 (Mar) 12/3/55
Tear Drop Motel
(written by The Goofers™)
Coral A 1956 (Jun) 6/2/56
Tennessee Rock N’ Roll Coral B 1956 (Jun) 6/2/56
Push Cart Coral A 1957 (Jul) 3/23/57
Wow!! Coral B 1957 (Jul) 3/23/57
The Dipsy Doodle Vogue Coral A 1957 (Oct) 9/9/57
Take This Heart Vogue Coral B 1957 (Oct) 9/9/57
Dee Do, Dee Da Coral A 8/20/55 (ad)
What Does that Dream Mean? Coral B 8/20/55
Crave Me Coral A 3/3/56
Oh How I Miss you Tonight Coral B 3/3/56
I’m Going to Rock and Roll Until I Die Coral A 7/7/56
Our Miss Brooks Theme Coral B 7/7/56
Scotch on the Rocks Port A 10/27/58
The Head Hunter Port B 10/27/58
It’s Okay, It’s Alright
(written by F. Nicolais)
Tiara A Unknown
A Little Bit Square But Nice Tiara B Unknown
Perfidia Tiara A 6/1/59
Nameless Tiara B 6/1/59