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Ed Sullivan Show

  1. 5/10/53 – First Appearance
  2. 6/13/54 – Second Appearance
  3. 11/27/55 – Third Appearance (missing) Pearl Bailey, Dick Shawn, Licia Albanese
  4. 2/19/56 – COMIC ANTICS, MUSICAL IMPRESSIONS with Hermione Gingold, Billy DeWolfe, Jean Madeira
  5. 4/29/56 – “TENNESSEE ROCK & ROLL” SONG, DRUMMER WEARS AN ED & A MILTON BERLE MASK with Eve Arden, Kate Smith, The Peters Sisters, Jean Carroll
  6. 9/16/56 – THE GOOFERS™ 560916MAB.179 NOVELTY THEY SING “POGO STICK” on Pogo Sticks
  7. 7/27/58 – THE GOOFERS™ 580727MAB.124 NOVELTY SING “FLYING BLUES” AND “MAN ON TRAPEZE” with Ernie Kovacs, Sheb Wooley, Gordon MacRae, Bobby Van
  8. 5/24/59 – THE GOOFERS™ 590524MAB.193 NOVELTY “MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY” with Fabian, Ed Wynn, Carol Lawrence, Myron Cohen, Conrad Buckner

Toast of the Town (5/10/53)

Season 5, Episode 35 – With Dorothy Lamour, Byron Nelson, Lou Sieler

Toast of the Town (6/13/54)

Season 6, Episode 39 – With Janice Paige & John Raitt, Victor Borge, The Wichita Orphans

Ford Star Jubilee (10/21/55)

Season 1, Episode 1 – The Judy Garland Special with Judy Garland, David Wayne, Mitsuko Sawamura, The Escorts

Holiday On Ice (TV Movie – 1956)

Sonja Henie, Ernie Kovacs, Art Linkletter, et al.

The Jackie Gleason Show (1/5/57)

Season 4, Episode 132 (?) – Ray Bloch, Art Carney, Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy, Woody Herman, June Taylor Dancers, Jack Lescoulie, Gordon MacRae, Roberta Sherwood

Val Parnell’s Sunday Night at the London Palladium (11/11/57)

George Sanders

The Perry Como Show (3/1/58)

Season 10, Episode 24

The Big Record (3/19/58)486035_10151366914934259_1068788410_n

Season 1, Episode 26

The George Gobel Show (10/21/58)

George Gobel, Gogi Grant, Phil Harris, Vaughn Monroe

The Revlon Revue (4/28/60)

Ray Bolger, Charles Dale, Al Kelly, Dorothy Loudon, Herb Shriner, Joe Smith, Mike Wallace